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It's Our Official Launch

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We are a collection of Law Enforcement Officers here to share with the world our desire to protect and serve, create great videos and funny content, and design killer shirts for your off duty pleasure. From Officer Daniels, to Ashley Smith, who's workouts keep us out of breath and in hella shape, to those crazy Hook'em and Book'em boys, all fearlessly lead by Mike the Cop, are all here in one place to share with the world our desire to protect and serve, and maybe make a joke or two to lighten the sometimes difficult task of being a sheepdog. Protect the flock, be strong during the toughest times, and stand together. 



"I'm Mike the Cop of Humanizing the Badge. I make (and share) content that I think is funny and/or engaging; You don't have to."

-Mike The Cop

"I’m just here to wear out the donut stereo type. I enjoy making funny police related videos. Grab a donut and some coffee and enjoy!"

-Officer Daniels 

Hey guys! Officer Ashley Smith here! I'm so honored that you'd take some time to find out more about me and support my work on social media and in helping to increase the fitness and nutrition of fellow officers and others.

-Officer Ashley Smith

"Hook’em and Book’em are real life cops with a real ambition for demonstrating the human side of law enforcement. Through creative content, they strive to show that police officers are regular people who are no different than every person in the communities they serve. Their journey together began when they met in the police academy in 2012. In 2015, Hook’em and Book’em began creating comical police content to combat negative views of law enforcement in an effort to bridge the gap. Over the last two years, Hook’em and Book’em have been privileged to meet with hundreds of cops and citizens across the country in multiple cities to accomplish their goal of reducing misunderstanding and mistrust of law enforcement while simultaneously being advocates and supporters of those who protect our streets daily."

-Hook'em and Book'em

Humanize the Badge is a non profit organization seeking to forge stronger relationships between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. We're doing this through community service projects, mental health support, social media content and strong partnerships with others blazing new paths. Through Sheepdog threads, we are able to create fundraiser shirts for fallen officer's families and give them some assistance in such a great time of need. 

-Humanizing the Badge